Custom fields can be used to store additional contact information such as a subscriber's address, city, country, or phone number. They're also great for collecting unique information about subscribers to help you plan more relevant and personalized email content.

Every subscriber list you create has two default fields: 
Full Name and Email Address. Any extra fields added to a list are called custom fields. You can add up to 50 custom fields to each list.

Custom fields types

  • Text : No restriction
  • Numeric : Only numbers 
  • Date : Format is YYYY/MM/DD (ISO 8061)

Field type data validation is done on subscription, importation and contact update.

Adding a custom field to a list

Navigate to the subscriber list you want to add a custom field to. On the list details page, click Custom fields in the right sidebar. The "Manage custom fields" page will open.

Click on New Field button and enter a name for the Label, Identifier and use the Type drop-down menu to select what type of field it will be, as shown here:

After you click Save custom field it will appear below, in the list.

To delete a custom field, hover your mouse over the field row and click the X icon displayed on the right.