If you have a Google Analytics account and it is already configured on your web site, you can activate the Google Analytics automatic integration so you can keep track of the traffic generated by your email campaigns to your web site.

Activating Google Analytics tracking in my campaigns

  1. In the top right corner, click on the gear icon so you can access sub-menu. Then, click on the Parameters item.

  2. Then, click on the Google Analytics item under the SETTINGS block in right submenu.

  3. Click on the Edit button as illustrated below.

  4. Select the Automatic Integration

  5. Click on the Save button.

Once the automatic integration is activated, any new campaign sent will be tracked in Google Analytics.

Technical details and advanced integration

The following parameters are automatically generated when a campaign is sent. However, if you want to override a value for one or more of these parameters, you have to include them explicitly in your links.

Automatically Generated Parameters:

  • utm_medium =  Email (static value)
  • utm_campaign = The name (not the subject) of your campaign. Will be generated automatically for every campaign.
  • utm_source = Email campaign (static value)

IMPORTANT: Please note that when a parameters in present in your links it will override the parameter that would normally be automatically generated. Also, any additional parameter will be appended after the automatically generated links.

You can find a few examples below. To make things simple, the campaign in the example is called "My Email Campaign".

Simple Example:

Original link:




Final link:




Advanced Example:

Original link:




Final link: