If you do not have a Stripe account, you simply have to follow the procedure below to open a new account and connect it to your MailSquad account.


  1. In the upper right corner, click on the gear icon to expand the submenu. Then click on Settings.

  2. Then, click on Stripe Configuration in the Billing section of the right menu.
  3. Click on the CONNECT button as shown below.

    When you click on the CONNECT button, you will be redirected to the Stripe Connect Website.

  4. In the first part of the form, in the field Tell us about your business, simply state that you intend to bill you clients for email marketing services. We suggest you merely copy-paste "We offer email marketing services" in the field.

  5. If you represent or own a company, you can skip this step. As for individuals (self-employed workers), simply supply your personal information in the following fields. The field labeled Business number (Tax ID) is optional and is not required.

    The SIN ( Tax ID) field is your social insurance number. You can choose not to provide it. However, Stripe may require you to provide proof of your identity or to supply photo ID such as a passport.

    * You can skip the next step as it is intended for companies only.

  6. This section is intended for companies to provide their corporate details. Your business number should be entered in the Business number ( Tax ID) field.


  7. This part of the form is very important as this is what your clients will see on their credit card statement. We recommend that in the Business name field, individuals enter their full name and companies enter their corporate name.

  8. Then you need to enter your banking information so that Stripe can transfer your profits to your bank account. By default, a transfer will be made every 7 days. You can modify the frequency of these transfers to suit your needs.

  9. Finally, all there is left to do is enter your email address, your password and click on the Authorize access to this account button.

  10. Once the operation is completed ( this may take a few seconds), you will be redirected to the MailSquad platform and you will be able to see that your Stripe account is now connected.

You are now ready to use the MailSquad platform at its full potential!